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Fozia Endrias

FoziaEndrias™ is a clothing and accessories brand based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was established by the forces of passion and enthusiasm and drive of creating new things out of all that exists. Our intention is to be able to make the Ethiopia's fashion and textile industry grow and be able to compete internationally not just with the traditional and the classic occasion wears but also on the day to day casual wears.

It was founded by a passionate designer who believes in the power of Time, Creativity and Humanity. Whatever we do reflects the time we are at now, and it will be the basis for the next one to come. We do believe creativity makes our lives simpler, beautiful and makes us eager for the rest of it. And, it all comes to humanity at last; we have to exist for all the others to make sense.

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Fashion is art,
design that people wear
to represent themselves,
their culture, idea, mood, manner,
class, generation, time,
trend and a lot more.

Fozia Endrias




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Workshop + Outlet

Bole Medhanialem Morning Star Mall 305A
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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