For someone who

  • is passionate about becoming a fashion designer
  • wants to learn how to tell stories through fashion
  • has taken designing courses but would like to learn and experiment on the creative side

By the end of this course, Students will be able to

  • Understand the process of design, change inspirations and concepts into designs
  • make a cohesive collection based on a concept or inspiration
  • Represent their concepts in mood boards
  • identify their personal esthetics and styles
  • Communicate their designs in sketching
  • able to choose proper fabrics for your designs
  • Make basic patterns and know how to create the patterns of their designs from the basic ones
  • construct basic garments using sawing machines. They will also have enough knowledge to work with tailors in constructing their designs
  • present their works in look books, line sheet, portfolios and other documents in a way that represents them well
  • price their products
  • Build a brand that has a strong design esthetics