Fozia Endrias

The DesignPreneur

Fozia Endrias is a young entrepreneur who works as a fashion designer.
Her background in architecture has served as a source of influence for her
fashion. She graduated first in her class in fashion design at Next Fashion
Design School. In 2016, she also won the final year competition organized
by the school. Fozia likes working and experimenting with a wide range
of unique materials that could be interesting to wear. She is also drawn to
handmade products, including hand embroideries.
Fozia draws inspiration from her surrounding environment, especially the
non-physical elements. As an art form, she believes in fashion’s power
to express ideas, capture the existing time and situation, and the ability to
promote and preserve the traditions of society. She works with ideas
revolving around Ethiopia and Africa as a continent.
In 2017, she founded her brand Fozia Endrias Clothing and Accessories.

The Brand

FoziaEndrias is a clothing and accessories brand based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Established by the forces of passion, enthusiasm, and the drive of creating new things out of all that exist, Our aim is to make the country’s fashion and textile industry is known on the global stage – to compete internationally not just with the traditional and classic occasion wears, but also be known for the day-to-day casual wear. The brand was founded by Fozia Endrias, who believes in the power of humanity, time, and creativity. Humanity is where it starts – the belief that we have to exist for all the
others to make sense. We have to be conscious of the things we do, think about the generations to come, and the world-at-large. 

We believe that sustainability is the issue of humanity. Thus, we are creating consciousness about our surroundings and giving thought to what we do and how we do it. This thought contributes to the safe-being of our planet and the human race. Our actions reflect the time period we live in now, and they will be the basis for the next era to come. We believe that history helps us understand where we came from and teaches us who we are. History enables us to learn from our past and also reminds us that we are to serve as motivation for generations to come. Our call is to put our imprint on this generation, just as our forefathers did on the generations before us. We have fierce expectations of us, and it’s our responsibility to show the world what we’re capable of. Our ancestors have passed amazing and beautiful creations of artwork and techniques onto us, to serve as our inspiration. We must hold onto our passions and keep on creating art so that we can represent Ethiopia and its people in all ways. We believe creativity makes our lives simpler, beautiful, and makes us eager for the rest of it.

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