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Materials and Weavers

Speaking about sustainability, the first thing that we decided to do is to source our materials locally. We use natural fabric that is grown in different parts of Ethiopia. We believe that Ethiopia has a beautiful cotton with a great history of making clothes with it. 90% of the materials are sourced from within the country. We work with weavers that make amazing textiles using the cotton yarns. Among these are Enat Weaving Work PL(Social Enterprise)and TrioCraft. We choose who we work with not only because of the quality of the handwoven fabrics but also because of their engagement to the society, and making sure that they are child labor free.
As we are a growing brand, we are experimenting more on natural dyes and other alternative materials which have been around different parts of the country but haven’t been used in textiles or those which have been under utilized. If the proper study and experiment is finished once, we believe these materials could not only be used by fashion designers but also for designers in different professions.


Zero Waste Approaches

We mostly make our jackets with kimono bases allowing us to use the fabrics intended for the jacket completely without producing wastes. We work on different fabric manipulation methods, providing us options to create shapes without cutting off anything from the fabrics. In other cases we use patterns that will allow us to minimize wastage and use the left outs for other purposes.

Recycling and using Leftovers

The ongoing project that we are doing is recycling projects, mainly denims. We deconstruct, make stripes patches out of the denims and other products and use them in different ways along with the other fabrics in a variety of designs. By doing so we want to contribute to our environment by minimizing waste.

We also use leftovers in making accessories and patches, pockets. We use drawstrings, straps for making pockets, belts, bag handles, patch pockets and in different designs of sleeves.

Where we source our fabrics from

Company Name: Enat Weaving Work PLC (Social Enterprise)
Brand Name: KIND Ethiopia
Project: Farm to Fashion


KIND stands for responsible and sustainable products which are good for you and good for the planet. It is a brand made 100% in Ethiopia, and it is made of 100% cotton. KIND is collectives owned by women and men weavers and garment makers come together to create gently crafted products for you. The fair wages and profits they earn enable them to live empowered lives. KIND products are kind to you, and kind to the planet.

Buy KIND!! Spread the kindness!!

The social enterprise Enate Weaving Work PLC was established as part of a Farm to Fashion project, supported by SITA-ITC (Supporting Indian Trade and investment in Africa) to integrate small holder farmers, traditional hand loom weavers and micro garment making enterprises in a connected value chain, returning higher value to primary producers through producer owned companies. The project has established weaver and tailor owned companies by providing professional management services for legal and statutory compliances, upgraded technology and training and marketing opportunities to these companies, based in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

The mission of the enterprise is to create greater income at the bottom of the pyramid by tackling structural issues, such as technology, marketing, profit sharing modalities by supporting the process of creating several producer owned enterprises with an emphasis on women’s leadership. We seek a vertical integration among these companies and provide collective professional services to these entire small producer owned companies. The project demonstrates that professionally managed producer owned companies are equally if not better suited to sustain incomes at the bottom of the pyramid even in times of crisis, they can also help meet the demands of the country in its fight against the scourge. The project also reaches out to the most vulnerable home-based weavers and tailors within the larger handloom eco-system in Bahir Dar by reaching raw material to them and outsourcing orders.